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City of Corte Madera
City of Larkspur


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Larkspur’s picturesque main street has many fine historic Victorian homes, and Magnolia Avenue, running through the downtown area, is known for its fine restaurants and shops. It has a small town feel. It is also home to the county’s largest ferry terminal. Corte Madera has several wildlife preserves, the largest being the 204-acre Ecological Reserve, a sanctuary for local and migrating waterfowl. On the eastern edge of town, the Ring Mountain Preserve offers hiking and biking while enjoying unsurpassed views of the Bay. Good, local schools have attracted a large number of children. Corte Madera is a fairly affluent, middle class suburb with almost two-thirds having college degrees.

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Corte Madera


The Larkspur School District serves the communities of Larkspur and Corte Madera. The district has two schools: Neil Cummins Elementary School (K-5) and Henry Hall Middle School (6-8.) Larkspur School District students reside in the Tamalpais Union High School District.

Parks & Recreation

Corte Madera has many parks – from small to large areas with tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields and soccer facilities. Larkspur has one large park with ball fields, and a playground. There is a Twin Cities youth little league and extensive youth programs.


Population (as of 2010 Census): Corte Madera 9,799, Larkspur 10,825
Median age: Corte Madera 44, Larkspur 48
Median household income: Corte Madera: $99,755, Larkspur $113,461
Long-term residents (5+ years):  Corte Madera:  39%, Larkspur: 42%
Annual Turnover:  Corte Madera:  17%, Larkspur:  15%
Sources: Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau


Approximate average temperature is 59 degrees. Average maximum temperature is 70 degrees and average low is 48. July to September highs in are in the 80’s. Coldest months are November and December. Mt. Tamalpais and Christmas Tree Hill usually protect the towns from perpetual fog but not necessarily on summer mornings.

Approximate distance from the Golden Gate Bridge is 9 miles.